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Last updated: Wed Sep 05 15:39:35 BST 2012

Astia is currently accepting applications for its 2012 Global Entrepreneur Program.

Company: Astia

Astia’s Program is an elite opportunity for exceptional woman-led start-ups. Astia maintains an unparalleled successes rate, with over $1 Billion raised and 23 exits, including 2 IPOs.

About the Program:
The Entrepreneur Program is an unparalleled resource for success - a transformative program designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs who want to become dominant players in their sectors. The format? A comprehensive 5-day workshop, 3-month program of personalized advising from premier experts and the opportunity to start benefiting from the global ecosystem of angels, VCs, corporations, and entrepreneurs that is Astia.

Startups Accepted into Astia’s Program Have:

  • Raised more than $1 billion
  • Averaged a greater than 60% funding success rate, and
  • Achieved 23 exits, including 2 IPOs

Application Deadline: September 14, 2012

Who should apply: Exceptional women-led, high-growth start-ups who know that success is not just about raising money but about growing a business and thriving even in today's tough market.

To apply, please visit:

For information regarding Astia, visit: or contact Carolyn Beaty at

About Astia Astia is a connected global community dedicated to the success of women-led, high-growth ventures. For over 14 years, Astia has connected entrepreneurs to the key resources and global expertise necessary to succeed. Astia companies have achieved 23 exits, including 2 IPOs. Astia programming delivers access to networks and opportunities that high-growth entrepreneurs uniquely need to succeed, including connecting entrepreneurs to serial entrepreneurs, investors, industry leaders, advisors and service providers. Astia is women-inclusive, not women only. We strive for 50/50 representation in everything we do and look for diverse teams of men and women but require a woman on the founding or executive team. Diversity breeds innovation.