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15th April 2020

Immersive Technology firm Igloo Vision raises £435,000

Igloo Vision, the Shropshire-based immersive technology company, has raised an additional £435,000 in funding under the UK Government’s Enterprise Investment Scheme.  Igloo creates immersive projection spaces, such as domes, cylinders, cubes, and immersive workspaces. Igloo’s technology can display any 360° or Virtual Reality (VR) content. And, because entire teams can get inside the immersive spaces and engage with the content, the technology is well-suited to training, simulation, and visualisation, as well as events and experiences.

9th April 2020

Jenson Invests in Survey54 Ltd

Jenson Funding Partners has completed an investment in Survey54, a business SaaS platform for consumer surveys in continental Africa. 

9th April 2020

Jenson SEIS invests in Not In The Guidebooks Limited

Jenson Funding Partners has made investment in Not In The Guidebooks, providing local, authentic, immersive, responsible travel experiences for discerning independent travelers.

2nd April 2020

EISA survey aims to show real impact of COVID-19 on small business fundraising

You can help.  The EIS Association is collecting evidence to replay to the Government to show them the affect current situation is having on small businesses who are struggling to fundraise as a result of the pandemic crisis.  Please take the time to complete the short survey. 

30th March 2020

QVentures calls for increased Government support for start-ups

QVentures has launched a petition to the UK government to increase tax reliefs for the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) by an additional 30% for the next 12 months.

27th March 2020

Jenson SEIS Fund backs warehouse marketplace platform LogistCompare

Jenson Funding Partners have completed an investment in LogistCompare a marketplace platform for warehouse space and associated services.  Their aim is to provide ecommerce retailers with a one-stop-shop for their storage and fulfilment needs. LogistCompare is an innovative marketplace for warehouse space and services.  They connect organizations that need storage space with warehouse providers that can accommodate their requirements. The platform allows warehouse providers to rent out available space online and to promote their logistics services. 

26th March 2020

Viewpoint from Symvan Capital: When Will the Financial Meltdown End?

Symvan Capital's Kealan Doyle predicts that will almost certainly be a further downward stage, probably centered in the United States.  And it will be nasty.  Yet we are probably a few weeks away from a significant buying opportunity for equity investors, as financial markets will recover whilst the real economy is tumbling.

26th March 2020

Jenson SEIS Fund invests in property valuation app Zeus

Jenson Funding Partners has completed an investment in ZEUS a property valuation app which allows property owners to obtain fast & accurate valuations and also provides estate agents with quality leads.  It works for both sales and rentals and is a truly unique platform.

25th March 2020

Your country needs you(r) investment

Andrew Aldridge from Deepbridge Capital urges investors not to loose their nerve and why is important for us to carry on investing.

Everybody in the financial world understands how the markets have reacted to the Coronavirus crisis and largely why they have reacted.  Many investors are sitting on cash or nervous about long-term planning.  However, your country needs your investment – in particular the innovative sectors supported by the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) need your support. 

25th March 2020

Blackfinch’s EIS portfolio companies, Auro, offers the chance to stay healthy and active

In December 2019 Backfinch invested c.£500,000 in London-based company Auro. Founded in 2016, Auro offers a fitness app that provides its users with tailored audio-based workouts. 

12th March 2020

Boundary Capital launch Impact fund for private investors

VC firm Boundary Capital has launched a new Impact investment fund for private investors called the Impact Life Fund. The fund’s purpose is to ‘enrich people’s lives’ - both the investors and the beneficiaries of the investment. Target investments are businesses with disruptive technologies that have the potential to positively impact at least 100m human lives, as well as targeting a 3x return overall over 5 years. The fund has an EIS structure to allow investors to also gain from tax breaks as well as the underlying economic and other benefits.

11th March 2020

Raindog Films expands with support from UK Creative Content EIS fund

The UK Creative Content EIS Fund has invested in Raindog Films, the UK-based production company co-founded by Oscar®-winning actor Colin Firth and music industry veteran Ged Doherty, it was announced today by the Fund’s manager, Calculus Capital, and Stargrove Pictures.  Writer and producer, Trish D Chetty joins the new look company to oversee the strategic expansion into high-end small screen content. 

Firth and Doherty established Raindog Films in 2012 and subsequently produced an award-winning slate of premium filmed entertainment. Recent projects include Official Secrets directed by Gavin Hood, starring Keira Knightley and Matt Smith.

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