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11th December 2018

Seedrs portfolio company Oppo Brothers acquisition by HP Wild

Seedrs, Europe’s leading equity investment  platform, announces that shareholders of portfolio company Oppo Brothers have received an offer to buyout all of their shares.

Seedrs investors have invested over £1.1 million into Oppo over the course of three rounds. The buyout offer will see investors receive £6.15 per share, which represents a significant profit for all of them:

  • Seedrs investors who invested in Oppo in their 2015 round did so at a price of £1.414 per share, meaning that they will earn a 4.35x return on their investment. This goes up to 6.21x, and no CGT to pay, for those who were able to take advantage of EIS tax reliefs.
  • Oppo raised a second round through Seedrs in 2016 at £2.85 per share, so this offer represents at 2.16x return (3.08x, and no CGT to pay, after tax reliefs) for them.
  • Seedrs investors also invested in an Oppo convertible instrument in 2017, and they will receive a 1.5x return on their investment.

7th December 2018

CrowdProperty first property lender to provide performance metrics

CrowdProperty has become the latest peer-to-peer loan originator to disclose their lending performance using Brismo’s methodology. In doing so they have become the first real estate development lender to adhere to an independent performance standard.

5th December 2018

Nine companies have closed funding Seedrs in November

9 companies reached their funding targets with Seedrs in November

3rd December 2018

New board member for Intro Crowd


Strategic land investment platform Intro Crowd is pleased to welcome a new member to their board of directors this week.


21st November 2018

Gohenry completes £6.2m raise on Crowdcube

Gohenry, the company behind the gohenry financial tool which is enabling a generation of kids and teens to take part in the digital economy and learn about money, has successfully raised £6.2m via Crowdcube, the world’s first and largest equity crowdfunding platform. The funds raised will be invested in products and marketing, as well as expanding gohenry’s operations in the US.

Gohenry’s raise on Crowdcube launched in September with a target of £2m, which it has exceeded by 3x. Over 3,000 investors have taken part in the raise, which is gohenry’s third on Crowdcube. Gohenry’s previous raises on Crowdcube were in 2016 and 2017, and the total amount gohenry has raised on the platform now stands at over £10m. This latest raise makes gohenry one of the first companies to take advantage of the newly-raised prospectus threshold – previously regulations permitted companies only to raise up to €5m without issuing a prospectus, but in July this figure rose to €8m.

14th November 2018

Profile: Mr and Mrs Investment aka Helena Murphy and Duncan Di Biase

A constant stream of funding success stories in the media, and the rise of more down to earth and approachable crowdfunding platforms, suggests it has never been easier to raise investment for your business. However, a recent report from the HM Treasury revealed that only 1 in 10 businesses secure seed funding in the UK and, despite shaking up the market, crowdfunding is not much easier with around a 63 percent success rate.

9th November 2018

P2P/crowdfunding platform Abundance achieves fundraise on Seedrs

Pioneering ethical P2P/crowdfunding platform Abundance equity raise on Seedrs is now fully funded with more than the £1.2m target raised.  It took just 13 days in the end and attracted more than 750 investors, the majority of whom were Abundance’s existing customers, achieving the companies aim to share its success and ownership with its remarkably loyal customer base.

9th November 2018

Fenton & Co. raises £850k to bring luxury gemstone engagement rings to UK market


Independent jewellery company Fenton & Co. has announced its launch into the UK market, challenging the lack of transparency and pricing in the industry. The launch was enabled by a £850,000 seed funding round, led by social impact investor Mustard Seed. Investment was also received via The London Co-Investment Fund, as well as a number of angel investors, including two early investors into Bloom & Wild: Camila Dolan, and Akshata Murty.


2nd November 2018

Seedrs' monthly round-up

11 companies have made their funding targets and closed their rounds on Seedrs in October:

29th October 2018

Wahed Invest raises additional £6m as international expansion accelerates


Wahed Invest, the UK’s first halal online investment platform, has raised an additional £6m this year from existing investors to expand the reach of its global savings solution. The online investment platform received the funding from existing investors, Boston based Cue Ball Capital, and BECO Capital, a Middle Eastern Venture Capital fund known for backing a variety of regional start-ups. This brings its total funding to nearly £12m since inception and has raised Wahed Invest’s valuation to over £75m.


22nd October 2018

CrowdProperty Surpasses £10m Repaid to Lenders

CrowdProperty, the specialist property peer-to-peer lender, has now repaid over £10,000,000 to lenders, continuing its 100% capital and interest payback track record.

The £10,088,967 paid back includes £9,221,876 capital and £867,091 interest. Having now funded the development of £64,790,000 of property and 423 British homes, CrowdProperty has lent £23,892,000 and has a very strong project pipeline for the remainder of 2018 and beyond.

19th October 2018

Crowdfunding can make companies more successful

Listening to investors at the start of a new business can make the difference between success and failure, according to new research from the UCL School of Management that highlights the boost that crowdfunding offers.

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