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22nd February 2018

How the changing EIS affects investors

Dr Ilian Iliev, EcoMachines Ventures evaulates how investors are reacting to the changing financial environment of EIS. 

21st February 2018

Finding the right investor

Daniela Tsoneva shares her advice for entrepreneurs embarking on the fundraising journey.

20th February 2018

Candace Johnson - Hero(ine) of the Month

One of the most charming angels on the planet is Candace Johnson.

20th February 2018

Why data on things is worth more than things

We will soon consume everything as a service...

19th February 2018

Green Angel identifies cleantech trends

Green Angel Syndicate has teamed up with Venturescape to identify the investment opportunities that are driving this cleantech revolution towards a totally renewable energy future. 

Green Angel Syndicate believes that moving from a world still largely powered by fossil fuels to one that is 100% powered by renewable energy is achievable thanks to three massive trends that will unfold over the coming decades:

The transition from fossil fuel-based power to clean electricity; the clean transportation revolution, from privately-owned combustion engine cars to transport-as-a-service based on electric, autonomous vehicles; and huge improvements in energy and resource efficiency in industry and buildings

19th February 2018

The Week That Was

The Week That Was is released every week by OFF3R. At OFF3R you can compare investments from leading equity crowdfunding and peer to peer lending sites through to robo-advisors and stocks and shares ISAs.

Spotify to go public without an IPO, Cryptojacking and the ISA loophole.

19th February 2018

How Governments can support entrepreneurs in CEE

EBAN President Emeritus Paulo Andrez talks about how governments can support entrepreneurs following a recent report on why Angels are key for Romania and the CEE Region’s entrepreneurial ecosystems.

19th February 2018

Greetings from Istanbul

Greetings from Istanbul - the perfect storm of ICOs and tech is about to wash across angels globally

13th February 2018

Luther & Calvin’s secret entrepreneurial sauce

The lazy man’s analysis of European culture goes something like this.

12th February 2018

Should the angel market be better regulated?

The knotty issue of regulation is still an area that needs some light thrown onto it.  I suspect few angels (and indeed some advisers in the angel market) realise that under FCA rules any company defined as an SME – less than 250 employees for example – is regarded by the FCA as a retail client. 

12th February 2018

Angels Through History - GWR Investors

The Great Western Railway was built to allay the fears of Bristol Merchants who believed that their position as the second most important port in England would be taken over by Liverpool. 

12th February 2018

Uncertainty hits UK optimism says Idinvest

Idinvest has published its second annual UK Entrepreneurship Barometer which studies the UK’s attitudes towards entrepreneurship.

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