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13th May 2020

How a digital-first working environment can support the start-up ecosystem

Financial firms need to adopt a digital-focussed working environment if they want to survive beyond current lockdowns, says Arches Capital. The Amsterdam-based Business Angels believe that strong technological foundations and connectivity have been among the main reasons why they have been able to support their members and the Dutch start-up ecosystem amid current social and economic uncertainty.

11th May 2020

Coronavirus - big questions for start ups

Sukendhu Pal talks about the impact of Coronavirus on London's start ups and offers advice on what they can to help mitigate some of the worst impacts on their businesses.

6th May 2020

Guernsey Finance to explore investment sector’s recovery from pandemic

Turnaround investor Jon Moulton has described the Covid-19 environment as the biggest disruption he has seen in his 40-year business career.  Mr Moulton, who lives in Guernsey and is Chairman of The International Stock Exchange, headquartered in the island, is one of two panellists speaking at Guernsey Finance’s Virtual Funds Forum later this month.

30th April 2020

IQ Capital comments on recent UK investment stats

Figures from Plexal and Beauhurst released this week show there was £663 million of investment in UK companies over the lockdown period between March 23 and April 27. However, the total number of deals is down and almost 1,000 small U.K firms are currently in administration or liquidation.


Kerry Baldwin, Managing Partner of IQ Capital has commented on why the UK investment industry shouldn't get a false sense of security from these figures.

30th April 2020

Over-action or inaction – both could hit your wealth, warns deVere CEO


Stress in the financial markets is prompting a growing number of people to make extreme investment decisions that could ultimately hit their wealth, warns Nigel Green, CEO of deVere Group.

29th April 2020

Leadership in a hostile VUCA environment

Tony Fish considers patterns of leadership in troubled times.

17th April 2020

Is it time to change how we work?

All any of us can think about is ‘when this is over..’  ‘once I can get back to normal…’ ‘if I can go to….’  We are all living in a surreal state of suspended animation where even the simplest task – domestic or work-related – requires planning thought and modification.

14th April 2020

It's time to re-assess my portfolio performance

James Murdoch takes a considered look back over his portfolio performance from the last year and shares his observations on the ups and downs of equity crowdfunding. 

9th April 2020

New study reveals world's most sustainable businesses

Capital on Tap has revealed the world’s most sustainable corporations and startups, analysing where they are based and the industries they are in to determine who is leading the way in the rise of sustainable businesses. 

April 2020: Capital on Tap has analysed the world’s 100 most sustainable corporations to reveal which countries and industries are driving the working world to a more sustainable future. In addition, the analysis reveals the emerging startups that are committing to creating a more environmentally friendly world of work. 

9th April 2020

Coronavirus: How is the economy being affected and how will we recover?

Dr Maria Rana, expert in economics and finance at the University of Salford Business School, looks at how the UK economy is coping so far under coronavirus lockdown and gives some ways the government can intervene to help a recovery once the crisis is over.

8th April 2020

Mid-tier market support addressed as funding gap closed

Chancellor Rishi Sunak's 3 April announcement that financial support for the vital mid-tier sector is now available for businesses with up to £500m turnover should be welcomed. This is according to Duff & Phelps, the global advisor that protects, restores and maximises value for clients.

6th April 2020

Revisiting the Burning Platform - COVID19

Tony Fish gives his perspective on the leadership skills needed in a senior team to create and map the direction ahead.

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